About us

Here is a little history on the Sanders family

  In 1982 we purchased the farm and started with 4 poultry houses.

3 of them were post only and the other was a truss house. During

our 36 years of farming we have witnessed poultry farming change.

No matter how much technology has improved, the labor has always

stayed the same. Darrell and I have always thought poultry growers

should create things to make their life simple and easier. As we have

aged and expanded our farm with more modern houses, the labor is

still and always will be there. The profit margin is tough and that is why

we have started mission on ideas that will provide labor, stress, and time.

We realized during our 36 years of farming, and six kids, time is very

important, whether it is spending time in the poultry house or eating

supper with the kids.

  When Darrell lost his sight and became legally blind it put a lot of strain

on the family, but we as a family knew he would use his imagination

to create products to make things better for the farm. That is what started

this whole project to get off the ground. When we started using these

products, we realized since they were working so good for us, we thought

we should share with other poultry farmers so it canmake their job a

little easier also.

  All poultry farmers know, raising good birds takes hard work and

dedication. As a family we are just trying to help make it a little easier.

As farmers we enjoy working as a family farm and the value it puts in

ourselves and our children to help build character. We hope you consider

purchasing our products because we want it to do for you what it did for us.

Save Time, Less Stress, and Less Labor, so you can spend more time on

other things that are just as important as your farm.


​​​​​​​Darrell and Teresa Sanders

"Save Time

 Less Stress

 Less Labor"

Darrell and Teresa Sanders

Farm Owner

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