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Most poultry companies want to be able to see

the water pressure in your stand pipe. with our

bright C-sticks you will be able to observe with

ease and clarity. As the water pressure goes up

and down, the C-stick moves with it. This also

helps prevent airlocks in drinker lines.

Starter Boxes

2'x2' square box 2" deep. it helps

keep feed lines full and feed off the

ground. Great for starting baby chicks.

No wasted feed at the end of the feed lines.

Door Seal Blocks

As poultry farmers, we understand the hassle of

sealing up the front and back doors. with our door

sealer, you will not have to worry about that heavy

board any more. with our design you will have a

wonderful seal.

Antie'M Biddy Bumper (Migration Fencing)

Day old to 10lbs+ poultry will not move partitions

With these maintenance free dividers in your poultry

house, you will be able to migrate birds with less labor

and no stress. They are light weight, yet durable enough to

withstand life in a poultry house. Each Biddy Bumper will

be measured and specially designed for each poultry house.